NEWS COMING COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


International Championship Auto Racing is pleased to announce a newly formed marketing relationship with Strike Force Energy.

We are very pleased to have this addition to the tour for 2019. 

Check out how and why Strike Force Energy was formed! 

Their story began with a moment of inspiration. One day, inventor and co-founder, Bruce, was eating a hot dog. While he was pouring ketchup from a packet, he thought to himself, “this would be a great way to package an energy drink mix that we could ship overseas to our deployed troops!” With that revolutionary idea, the world’s first can-less energy drink was born.

Strike Force Energy is unique in the fact that it comes as a liquid and not traditional powder drink packet form. Unlike other energy drinks, it has 0 sugar, 0 carbs, 0 fat. So for everyone from keto to just sugar free, this amazing product might be for you! 

If you would like to try some out, simply visit to order. If you enter the discount code ICAR20, you will get 20% off! 

Remember race fans, support those who support motorsports!  

Thanks again to Strike Force Energy for their support in 2019.